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How can Murder Be So Sexy?

I don’t know what to say other than I loved every second. This book is B.E Miller’s first step away from his normal carefree, almost splatterpunk toolbox. Is there a lot of murder and mayhem? YES, absolutely. Just take a look at the trigger warnings. It’s like a happy horror-lovers shopping list.

But Susy, how do you fit sex, torture, blasphemy, and cannibalism into one book? Pretty easily, actually! It’s not horror if you stay in your comfort zone.… Read More

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Sugar Bunny (My Kinky Housemate #1)

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Sugar Bunny (My Kinky Housemate #1)

Author: Colette Davison
Read: Sun, 27 Feb 2022 06:08:06 -0800
My Rating:5

Can a no-strings fun-times relationship with two older men lead to real and lasting love?

With the My Kinky Housemate app, I’ve found a place to live with seven like-minded guys. My new start and a chance to make my dreams come true aren’t turning out like I hoped. A housemate has the solution—become a sugar baby. Answering an ad is easy, but will a Sugar Daddy be interested in me?… Read More

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