GlitchGlitch: God Doesn't Make Mistakes by B.E. Miller
on April 2, 2023
Genres: Horror
Pages: 255
Format: eBook, Paperback
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Sometimes death isn’t the end- It’s just the beginning of a nightmare.

Benny thought he had found peace in the light, only to be tossed from the heavens like a raindrop in a violent storm. Returned to his body to a life that has become a living hell.

He struggles to make sense of the chaos around him, Benny realizes something is seriously wrong.

Perhaps he may not be the only one who has been glitched. With every passing moment the stakes get higher, and the pull of the abyss grows stronger. Benny fights cosmic forces intent on dragging evil toward his light. Is God against him? Can Benny ever find the salvation he so desperately craves? Or will he be seduced by the darkness. Glitch is a terrifying journey into the unknown, what happens when the return from death goes horrifically wrong.

Trigger Warnings: Sex, Erotic situations, Homoerotic, Light Cannibalism, Torture, occult, blasphemy.

How can Murder Be So Sexy?

I don’t know what to say other than I loved every second. This book is B.E Miller’s first step away from his normal carefree, almost splatterpunk toolbox. Is there a lot of murder and mayhem? YES, absolutely. Just take a look at the trigger warnings. It’s like a happy horror-lovers shopping list.

But Susy, how do you fit sex, torture, blasphemy, and cannibalism into one book? Pretty easily, actually! It’s not horror if you stay in your comfort zone.

Think about that.

All in all, Carmine and his boys were my favorites from start to finish, and I love that in B.E Miller’s books, everyone gets what they deserve one way or another! – SusyQ