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Forgive Me (Forgive Me #1)

Father Francis Scott
knows he’s damned, but at twenty-four years old, he has a lifetime to make up for past mistakes. Newly ordained, he’s determined to clean the stain off his soul, one day at a time.

Until an angel walks into his church, as…

Hair Balls (Balls to the Wall, #8)

What happens when a blue-collar dude who hides behind his Sasquatch hair gets sheared by a toppy femme in pink lace bikini panties?

Contractor, Rick Ronconi can’t admit what he really wants because it’ll lose him his job, his father, his few friends, and maybe …

The Fishermen (Infidelity #2)

At the age of twenty-five, Leland Meadows has his whole life mapped out in front of him, with four rules to live by:
No new friends.
No dreams or aspirations.
No repeat hookups.
And definitely no committed relationships.

Leland’s looking fo…

Knotted by the Wolf Prince (Furry Alien Mates #1)

Logan Parrish was a Cleveland police officer for all of two days when aliens that look like wolves, foxes, bunnies, and a bunch of other animals suddenly arrived. They claim they come in peace and just want to share their knowledge and tech with humans to improve everyone…

Gentlemen Make the Best Prisoners

Lord Louis Earlshope has always lived a privileged yet boring life. Having hardly anything in his twenty years to complain about, save for bouts of ennui or the occasional hangnail, he dreams of adventure and romance…so long as he can obtain it without dirtying his waistc…

Three Souls Who Break (Three Ties, #3)

The Family Man

Xaiden Dremest was in love once and lost that love before it could become forever. His dreams shattered. His world ended. Since then, he’s been going through the motions, but not truly living. Until two men enter his life who show him it’s…

Omega’s Pretend Mate (Harris Cove Billionaires #2)

Gabe just wants to live his life free of family pressure.

Gabe Everest has worked hard to become something other than the house-omega his billionaire family thinks he should be. He’s a successful attorney, and loves his career. He prides himself on being…

Healing the Twin (Forestville Silver Foxes #3)

Everyone thinks they know me. Hell, I don’t even know who I am anymore.

We were at the top. Tomás and Tiago Banner, the most famous twins in the world. The sexiest men alive. My whole identity was rooted in being the older brother, in taking care of my twin, in…

Knock Knock (From Nothing #3)

When life comes knocking, can they go from nothing to something?

After a lifetime of having each other’s backs, meddling in their brother’s lives, and keeping their families going, Nate and Xavi don’t know what to do with all this… freedom.


Bossy Bottom (Kinky Bottom #1)

Being a submissive guy with anxiety isn’t easy. I’d be tied up in situations and then feel the mind avalanche begin, helplessly watching as it would tumble out of control and ruin the moment.
Then I met Adam: A handsome police officer who swept me…