Requited Unrequited Love
Author: Mina Ramzy
Pages: 422
Average Rating: 3.44
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A full-fledged adult in the eyes of society, but not in the eyes of her mother, who follows the norms of their culture blindly. This is Kristina—a daughter of two Egyptian immigrant parents—and her doomed reality. She still lives at home and has absolutely zero freedom, both preventing her from crossing off the mundane items on her many bucket lists.

As a psychology major, Kristina tries to cope—for instance, by talking with her pen pal, Adam, as her online persona, Eve. Even though she avoids men at all costs because of her past, he happens to be the only exception.
Kristina is aware that if she were to get married, then—poof—magically, that would all change. Because by gaining a husband, she would be gaining her freedom, although compromising her detestation for her desire. It’s an unfortunate two-package deal, but the only solution.

Enter Augustine and his—quite literal—proposal. The only problem? He’s a rude, arrogant, ill-mannered demon of a man who Kristina cannot stand. Neither can he stand her, but he has his own two-package deal—his own hidden gain.

So, the feeling is mutual; they get married, pretend to love each other in front of others, and live their separate lives, keeping their distance from one another when no one is watching.

Also mutual? They’re both unaware of the fact that they’re already close—as Adam and Eve.

A win-win for all indeed. Strictly business.

What could possibly go wrong? Other than facing a new set of mundane items, such as deception, love, and rejection.