Haunted Hearts (Friends of Friends, #4)
Author: Leighton Greene
Pages: 272
Average Rating: 4.40
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He’s an arrogant, prickly, critical jerk…and I’m falling for him.

After a disastrous first weekend as his service sub while he’s on a working vacation in LA, I give in to the pleas of my friends and return to try again.

Haughty Hottie, I call him.

Never in his hearing, or I’d get another five infractions marked down in the little card of punishments he’s tied around my wrist.

The more time we spend together, the more his icy exterior seems to melt.
But as hot and haughty as he is, he’s also haunted…
And he won’t share his heart.

After the Halloween masquerade, he’ll be gone. Back to England, back to his lonely life.

Can I persuade him to open up before then, or is he already planning to ghost me?