The Devil Takes: MM Omegaverse Hades/Persephone Retelling
Author: Fae Quin
Average Rating: 3.72
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Who needs dating apps when you can stand naked in a graveyard at midnight calling for the Devil to take you away? Percy I don’t exactly know what I’m doing at college. I feel directionless, an omega adrift in a sea of promising young minds already on track with their five-year goals and life plans. My only goal has ever been to get away from my merciless father and his narrative that I’ll never amount to anything. And maybe he’s right, maybe I traded in my trailer park for stinky gym socks and red solo cups. But when my frat initiation leads to a sexy chance encounter with a purple-demon-devil-incubus-dude, I can’t help but think that maybe the college life ain’t so bad, after all. Haden I may be purple but I am not a demon. Or a devil. Or even an incubus. As the king of the underworld and keeper of the dead, my humanity has been long since forgotten. That is until a young man in a graveyard calls to me one night. Like a kicked puppy, his sad, soulful eyes lure me in, and I can’t deny him. This sweet, stubborn boy who visits me in his dreams, he stirs up feelings in me that I left behind centuries ago. I want him. I crave him. But I know I cannot keep him…unless I take him… The Devil Takes is a poetic, steamy, and seductive MM omegaverse romance loosely based on the tale of Hades and Persephone. It is part one of a duet following Percy, an inexperienced and timid college student, and Haden, the god of the underworld. Book one has a HFN ending and no cliffhanger.