The Hacker and his Heart’s Desire (The Hedonist #5)
Author: Rebecca James
Average Rating: 4.11
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When Tony left town, Cane accepted the guilt of having driven the sexy computer whiz away by rejecting him after a night of passion. Now Tony’s back, and Cane wants him more than ever. But nothing’s changed; Cane is still under the control of his ruthless cousin, and getting close to Tony would only draw the young man into the egocentric conman’s orbit. Keeping Tony at arm’s length, however, proves extremely difficult.

When Tony returns to the Hedonists’ clubhouse, he tells himself to stay away from Cane Winters. He knows there’s more to the man than the shallow hunk-of-muscle Cane portrays, but Tony refuses to insert himself where Cane’s made it clear Tony isn’t wanted.

When a twist of fate introduces Tony to Karl Bruder, Cane’s powerful cousin, Tony swiftly becomes embroiled in the hidden side of Cane’s life. Soon the two men realize the full extent of Bruder’s nefarious deeds and begin to work together to bring the man down. This means putting their lives on the line just when their feelings for each other become too strong to deny–which is just the advantage Bruder needs.