Taming Mr. Walker (London Mister, #1)
Author: Rosa Lucas
Pages: 433
Average Rating: 4.08
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Danny Walker, my big brother’s arrogant, powerful, handsome, and completely unobtainable best friend.

He’s a ruthless tech tycoon, and I take calls from angry clients who can’t reset their passwords.

He lives in a Grade II listed mansion with holiday homes worldwide, and I rent a room in a flat-share with my best friend and mice.

Our worlds couldn’t be further apart.

Falling for him is not an option.

Eight years ago, I made the mistake of flirting with him only to be rejected…hard.

To this day, he won’t acknowledge me as anything more than his best friend’s silly little sister. Which is fine because I can’t stand to be around that emotionless CEO.

Regardless of him being the hottest man I’ve ever met.

Now I find out he’s bought the company I work for, making him my boss’s boss’s boss.

And he wants to get rid of me.

Danny Walker is not a man to be messed with.

But perhaps there’s more behind his cold, detached stares than I thought.

Stone-faced ruthless CEOs don’t fall for scatty girls like me. Or do they?