DragonRider (DragonKin #1)
Author: S. Rodman
Average Rating: 4.23
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Dragons are real. I should not be so distracted by the men riding them. I’ve found myself in a hidden world of dragons and nightly battles to protect Earth, but while the dragons are magnificent magical creatures, and bonding with Ri and learning to fly is an exhilarating joy, other dragon riders are taking too much of my attention.

Mordecai is haunting my dreams and thoughts. He is a strikingly good looking man. Tall and lean with long blond hair and blue eyes that change shade with his emotions. But he is cruel, mocking and aloof. He lets no one close. I should leave him well alone.

Harlen is far nicer. He is friendly, takes an interest in me and smiles. His broad muscles and bronzed skin, together with his dark curls and copper eyes, give me butterflies.

When our bonded dragons mate, I know it affects us. A dragon’s passion is impossible to resist. But I’m shocked to discover which man is more dominant. And I’m awed by the awakening of my pleasure. Dragons aren’t the only things that are new to me. Exploring this side of my nature is divine.

But I can’t help hoping it is more than that.

In this strange new world of dragons, magic and desire, can I find my place? And can I find love?

Dragonrider is set in our modern world, one where dragons fly every night, you just can’t see them.