The Jerk Next Door

Author: Mia Monroe
Read: Sat, 11 Dec 2021 15:29:51 -0800
My Rating:3

He might look like a daydream, but he’s anything but.

My life is perfect. No, really. Dream career, great social life, a fantastic condo, and I’m easy on the eyes. It’s just that I’m a little bored with it all.

Until my new neighbor moves in. He’s unfriendly, uptight, and unwilling to compromise. Looks like annoying him just became my new hobby.

Poor guy has no idea who he’s up against. The Jerk Next Door just met his match.

The Jerk Next Door is a standalone romance featuring two warring neighbors, unexpected favors, an awakening of epic proportions, and very thin walls. It is low angst, high heat, and even higher snark.