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Fancy Free

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Fancy Free was… a book that I tried to love as much as Chasing Fate, but I just couldn’t. I’ll be honest, there were moments that I saw a real person behind Hayden, but it was few and far between. I enjoyed Luke as a character enough that I was able to forgive his ‘insta-love’ for Hayden.

This was definitely a bisexual awakening story, so you have to expect a few tropes because you’re reading it -for- a trope.… Read More

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Salvation is a book about second chances and what happens when a guy who feels like he deserves nothing meets a guy that he thinks deserves everything. Sid is a master gardener who struggles every day to keep his disability under control, but with a job like his and for a guy who loves the outdoors, it’s not hard to do too much.

In the midst of all this is Dante, a man released from prison for good behavior to help Sid with anything he needs, but his old life is not so hard to escape.… Read More

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Swiped by My Dad’s Best Friend

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Haha, so this book is what happens when you’re young, gay, and horny and your kind of hookup is a handsome, older Daddy-type. Cooper’s latest hookup just happens to end up being his Dad’s best friend. Oops!

Despite trying to do the right thing, after a few days of Cooper trying to actively seduce him, Trace gives in and sparks fly! But it turns out that Cooper’s barely keeping his head above water in nearly every facet of his life except for his frat’s charity projects.… Read More

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