Just a Bit Heartless (Straight Guys, #13)Just a Bit Heartless (Straight Guys, #13) by Alessandra Hazard
on August 23, 2022
Pages: 236

Jordan Gates isn’t easily flustered—or easily scared.
When his boss asks him to accompany him to Italy for a family wedding, Jordan agrees. He’ll get paid handsomely for his trouble.
There’s a catch, though. Several catches.
1. He’s there as bait: Jordan has to pose as his boss’s real boyfriend, who looks a lot like Jordan.
2. Someone in his boss’s mafioso family wants to murder them.
3. That someone is probably Damiano Conte, a cold, ruthless bastard who has no right to be so hot.
Everyone says Damiano is a sociopath with no capacity for real emotion. Jordan believes them. But he can’t seem to stay away, fascinated with the man despite his better judgment.
When the family visit turns into a nightmare of betrayal, kidnapping, and murder, Jordan has to rely on Damiano to keep his sanity. Can he trust a heartless, manipulative sociopath? Can he stop craving him after he returns to his normal life?
Can a man who doesn’t feel fall in love?
This book contains explicit MM content, hurt/comfort, codependency, an emotionally stunted control freak who doesn’t know how to express his affections in a healthy way—and a man who loves him anyway. Book 13 in the Straight Guys series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.