The Sinner’s Penance (Pursuit of Love, #3)
Author: K.C. Carmine
Average Rating: 4.60
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Even disguised as a priest, Mat can’t resist a man kneeling at his feet, begging to be punished.

Being a bodyguard for London’s Polish Mafia had its benefits. Fast money, fast cars, and an endless stream of hot men fuelled Mateusz’s insatiable lust for life.
But when he takes out the son of a rival Mafia boss, he is forced to flee to a remote island in the West of England.
Posing as a priest, Mateusz hopes he found the perfect disguise. Until a handsome stranger shows up to confession, begging for punishment. Can Mateusz rein in his ferocious carnal desires? Or will his cover be blown to smithereens?
As a newcomer to the island, Peyton’s social life is limited to a dram at the local pub. Everything changes when he attends a mass on a Sunday and his gaze lands on the man he can’t have. The one in a cassock.

A standalone MM book 3 from Pursuit of Love series.

Tropes/Themes: mafia, insta-lu$t, roleplaying, priest k!nk, wax play, flagellat!on, D/S, hurt/comfort, morally grey characters, bla$phemous use of religious artifacts, MM, HEA.

*A story of a man dealing with PTSD and re-evaluating his life as he finds love. Not a dark mafia book.