The Alien’s Defiant Omega (The Alien’s Omega, #3)
Author: Sienna Sway
Average Rating: 4.13
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Omegas are meant to be kept like precious treasures. We are not meant to be strong all on our own. Thankfully, the humans are here to change things. Learning to fight and seeing the omega Devin able to hold his own against any alpha twice his size has lit a fire inside me. I don’t need an alpha to be free.

And it just so happens that the human alpha Blaine understands that.

He does not want to become my lifemate, my alpha, my everything… Perhaps that is why, I am doing everything I can to change his mind.


To say that I’m not a fan of Mukhana would be an understatement. Every time humans get involved with the nassa, it gets messy. But to be there for my friend, I’ll do what I must.

What starts as research about the alphas and omegas, has turned into an obsession with one, in particular.

Latif is bright-eyed, precocious, and determined to rebel with me. I know I should resist him. I know that we humans already have a bad track record of getting involved with the nassa but something about Latif draws out my carnal nature and I am powerless to resist him.

Perhaps this is why omegas are usually kept away from alphas…

The Alien’s Defiant Omega is a lighthearted sci-fi m/m romance featuring a unique alien race, a universe-trotting professor-type man who has terrible self-control, and a rebellious alien omega who will stop at nothing to experience life the way he wants to.

Note* For maximum understanding and enjoyment, the first two books in the series should be read first.