Should the Sky Fall
Author: Amithia Raine
Average Rating: 4.38
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After a terrible accident, most people would spend day and night at their husband’s side, praying for him to pull through. To wake up.

Dawson isn’t most people. Then again, it’s not unreasonable to want to be rid of the man who’s made your life a living hell for the past six years.

Except when Cal wakes up, he’s nothing like the man who’d put bruise after bruise on Dawson’s body and shattered his soul. Cal has no memory of any of that. He remembers nothing, including his own name.

Dawson should walk away. Cal might not remember, but Dawson does. He remembers everything. By all rights, he should run and never look back.

What he absolutely should not do is start falling for him, for this man who wears his husband’s face but feels like home, not like someone Dawson should fear.

It might make him the most horrible person on the planet, but if Dawson had one wish, he’d wish for Cal’s memories to never come back.

For trigger warnings , please refer to the book sample or the author’s website.