Curse of the Winter Kingdom
Author: A.J. Nicky
Average Rating: 4.13
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He would do anything to keep the opulence of a palace life. Never did he think it would end at the hands of an enemy that should have been dead.

Though Salas seemingly has everything he could wish for, being the Susconian Emperor’s favorite bed-servant, bathed in the luxuries of a thriving kingdom, he is still just a toy. Yet still, facing losing everything, he would never give it up, despite the daily sacrifices he must make. That all changes when The King from Diagor, the old Emperor’s greatest enemy, storms the Susconian Kingdom and claims Salas as his own. Being held captive as prisoner, in a new environment and within an entirely new culture, surrounded by beasts on the brink of deadly tempers, can Salas survive the winter kingdom?

This is a standalone, full-length novel. Reader advisory can be found in the front pages of the book (can be previewed).