Bro and the Beast 4 (The Wolf’s Mate, #4)
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Finally reunited with Raul, but now separated from his twin brother, Devon, Brad has learned the hard way that magic is far from an exact science.

Not that his grades in actual science were all that stellar to begin with.

Now he has to find a way to get back into The Wolf’s Mate with Raul, hope the threatening visions he’s having of Constantine following him into the real world are just dreams rather than premonitions, and deal with a heroine who’s furious Brad has usurped her role, all while fending off morning sickness.

That’s just the price he has to pay for trading in his playbook for a grimoire, but Constantine is going to do whatever it takes to make sure Brad and Raul never reach their Happily Ever After.

Author’s Note: This is the fourth serial installment of a new mpreg series following Brad, a quintessential frat bro and Raul, the brooding werewolf love interest he never asked for–and, in typical ’80s alpha male hero fashion, is never gonna give him up. Prepare for hot shifters, snark and banter, gay awakening, found family dynamics, sassy (and intrusive) siblings, a villainous heroine, cliffhangers galore, and meta mayhem.