Unholy Triad: A Dark MMM Paranormal Vampire Romance
Author: Arden Lake
Average Rating: 4.60
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Falling in love with two vampires can’t possibly be part of God’s plan… can it?

When Damien is captured and taken to a vampire sire’s lair, God’s will is kill the sire, and all the vampires he created will turn to dust.

The assassin priest’s faith is put to the test when he is given to Alessandro to be mastered. The vampire’s firm hand and soft praise awaken forbidden urges Damien long thought buried.

Damien was trained to resist, but he aches to submit, and mutual hatred soon bleeds into something sinfully sweet…

Vampirism has doomed Alessandro and Etien to a frigid existence, their ice-cold touch twisting intimacy into pain. They resign themselves to an eternity together-yet-apart, with only their memories to keep them warm, until Damien’s fervor rekindles Alessandro’s desire for more.

The vampires yearn for a life free of their sire’s sadism, and when hope, hunger, and heat become desperately intertwined, the fragile alliance they’ve built is threatened.

Damien will sacrifice his mind and body for this mission, but can he risk his immortal soul?

Unholy Triad is a dark MMM vampire romance novel featuring an enemies-to-lovers slow burn, touch-starved vampires, a beefcake priest who craves praise, a poly marriage of convenience with an established couple, master/servant, hurt/comfort, and HEA. See inside content warning for details.