How Much For The Whole Night? (Shadow Team, #1)
Author: R.J. Scott
Average Rating: 4.24
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This book is a brand new novel expanded from a short story of the same name. COMPLETELY rewritten with 50,000 added words and a whole brand new story!

A seductive stranger gives Josh everything he wants, but one night of lust could get them both killed.

Driven by a combination of alcohol-induced recklessness and an overwhelming desire for something real, Josh ventures into a dark and seedy bar and lusts after a sexy, enigmatic hooker. When Josh negotiates a price for one night of pleasure he can’t know that when his time with Ethan is over, he’ll be left shattered and forever changed by the encounter. Fleeing with his son is the only means of ensuring their survival amidst the chaos of what comes next, and there’s only one man he can trust to keep them safe.

A hooker who isn’t a hooker at all.

Ethan is on the brink of completing a covert operation that will enable him to infiltrate a human trafficking ring. Yet, when his conscience clashes with his mission, Ethan disobeys orders, jeopardizing everything he’s worked for. Forced to escape, he takes Josh and his son, but he has nowhere to go, and now, their only hope lies in seeking refuge in an isolated safe house far from prying eyes.

Protecting Josh, Ben, and a tuxedo cat called Oreo, is Ethan’s priority. Only he has no choice but to resume his undercover role, and he must leave Josh and Ben behind.

When a gun is pointed at his head, his final thought is that he’s lost everything that matters; can he make it home to his new family? Or will he have to die to protect the people he loves?