Heat Clinic (Heatverse)
Author: Alexis B. Osborne
Average Rating: 3.98
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“It’s the literary equivalent of a bunch of fetish gear tossed into a dumpster and set on fire.” -A beta reader
She checked in at the free use heat clinic for some relief and found a pack instead.

Emily has had one lousy heat after another and is finally ready to break that cycle of hope and disappointment. When she goes to the nearby free-use clinic, she’s not sure what to expect. Breeding waivers, group activities, and restraints? Maybe this is all she’s destined for. What pack wants a thirty-six year old omega who might be past her breeding prime?

But then she meets her handsome heat minder, Sam. Young, flirty, and fun, the beta makes her feel a spark of something more. In the treatment room, her worries fade as her temperature climbs. There’s no faces, no names, just heavenly relief. Until an alpha named Marcus walks in and changes everything.

Money can buy everything but a scent-matched pack.

Marcus and his bonded beta Tom have been relentlessly sniffing out the rest of their pack for all their adult lives. It’s been a long and disappointing journey, but finally, there’s hope they haven’t missed their chance.
One thing’s for certain, this little omega and beta smell like pack. But how do they convince them of that? Because this omega thinks she’s too old and this beta thinks he’s not destined for forever. Their pack isn’t going to make it easy to woo them.

And woo they do. In bed, in the car, in public. Marcus and Tom are determined to show their new packmates how much they’re loved and wanted, body and soul, no matter how many times they have to pound that lesson home.

Can this pack put their doubts and fears aside to accept their happily ever after, or will old insecurities creep in and threaten what bliss they’ve built?

Heat Clinic is a sweet and ultra steamy contemporary MMMF omegaverse romance. There are no shifters or werewolves in this novel. A content guide is included in the beginning for readers with sensitivities. This book features multiple love interests and a heroine who won’t be choosing. If you enjoy nesting, an older plant-obsessed omega, a silver fox alpha with a breeding kink, a bratty British beta, a golden retriever gamer beta boyfriend, restraints, public fun, and 4 adults handling their business with minimal angst and no 3rd act break-up then this book is for you.