Vines & Tendrils
Author: M. Syrinx
Pages: 139
Average Rating: 3.97
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The Complete Five-Story M/M Bundle.

He’s making me into something new—a toy for his use. And I love every twisted moment of it.

He’s a gigantic hunk of a dryad, and he wants to control me with his vines.
Trap my pleasure.
Edge me. Wind me up and humiliate me.
Claim me in every conceivable way.

And with each merciless touch, I’m falling deeper for him…


All stories in this series contain intense gay BDSM scenes that include restraints, chastity, edging and denial.

Part 1— Marigolds – Straight-to-Gay, first time BDSM (5,600 words)
Part 2 – Strawberries – Sounding, sensation play, semi-public area (5,500 words)
Part 3 – Zucchini – Impact play, CBT, large insertion (8,000 words)
Part 4 – Tomatoes – Impact play, CBT, stretching (5,600 words)
Part 5 – Radishes – Worshiping, submission, sensation play, and tree-tentacles (15,800 words)