The Sinner’s Gamble (The Perdition Club #1)
Author: Merry Farmer
Pages: 140
Average Rating: 3.87
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Welcome to The Perdition Club, where sin is celebrated and vice is a virtue…

Caesar Potts loves his life as a co-owner of Perdition, one of the sultriest and most hedonistic of London’s gaming hells. He is as passionate about showing customers of Perdition a good time as he is about his charitable activities on the side. But Caesar’s good nature and sensual sense of fun are put to the test when handsome preacher George Mulgrew darkens his doorstep.

George is desperate to save souls, mostly because his own is in such turmoil. He can’t seem to stay away from beautiful and intriguing club owner, Caesar, even though he believes him to be guilty of the worst sort of evils. Something within George responds to something in Caesar, no matter how much he tries to deny it.

When George finds himself trapped in Perdition as Caesar’s prisoner, everything he thought he knew and believed himself to be fighting for is thrown into question. Can Caesar show George another way to live, and will the fire between the two men light the way for a new journey?

An enemies to lovers, MM Regency romance full of surprise benefactors, doors that were never locked in the first place, good families and bad ones, and a night of passion that will introduce you to the world of The Perdition Club and leave you panting for more.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level – Very Super Steamy! This is an MM Romance, so don’t say you weren’t warned.