The Alien’s Runaway Omega (The Alien’s Omega #2)
Author: Sienna Sway
Pages: 211
Average Rating: 4.07
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The humans are coming. Hundreds of them. They’ll be here to infiltrate Mukhana with their bases, their machinery, their strange culture, and their unreasonable demands. All of that would be fine in exchange for the one thing I want most in this universe; an omega.

But despite my request, the human omegas are being sent away. Only human alphas are permitted to stay. My own alpha council claims that omegas may not roam the planet unmated for their own sake. So, I have no other choice but to take matters into my own hands.

When the human ship lands, I will take what I deserve.


After years in service, countless galactic wars, and one unfortunate injury, my career is on the line. Working on the new Mukhana military base is my last chance to keep my job and more than that, to keep promises made years ago.

But when I’m told that I’m not allowed to stay because I’m an omega, I’m in shock. There’s no way that can be right. I’m not exactly the meek damsel type and I’m pretty sure that’s what being an omega entails. There must be a mistake.

If this big, reptilianalien, can secure my job and, more importantly, my salary, then bonding with him for a little while, will be well worth it.

The Aliens Stolen Omega is a lighthearted sci-fi m/m romance featuring a unique alien race, a military man who is in a bit of a bind, a desperately lonely and stubborn alien who is more than willing to bend for his omega, and an unbreakable bond.

Note** Although this book has two new main characters, Saar and Alex from book one feature heavily in the plot. The storyline requires reading the first book, before this one, for maximum understanding and enjoyment.