The Alien’s Kidnapped Omega (The Alien’s Omega #1)
Author: Sienna Sway
Pages: 298
Average Rating: 3.94
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My job was supposed to be easy; meet the dominant Alien race of Mukhana, negotiate an alliance, and leave. Being literally carried away into the night changes everything. Kidnapping a human is asking for trouble. Every alien in the galaxy should know that by now, but the nassa are more barbaric than expected.

Despite some small similarities with humans, their culture is hard to comprehend. They’re kind yet controlling, warm yet stern. Even though he literally kidnapped me and will fight to keep me, Saar seems to respect me and maybe even care for me. Most confusing of all, everyone keeps calling me an omega…


Humans are confusing creatures. They send their most delicate and vulnerable through the universe unattended.

The moment I saw Alex, I knew he was an omega. Even though I was furious that he was being paraded around, unmated and unprotected, I was also thrilled because I knew at once; he was mine.

I will save my omega from his difficult life. I will keep him safe and protected, even if it means war…

The Alien’s Kidnapped Omega is a lighthearted sci-fi m/m romance featuring a unique alien race, a sweet and confused human, a very well-meaning and equally misguided alien and a forced marriage.