Shiver (For Puck’s Sake, #1)
Author: Crea Reitan
Average Rating: 4.06
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A touch so intimate, a kiss so deep…
Egon Wolf is on a hockey scholarship but failing at everything else. Knowing he’s going to lose his ride if he doesn’t get his academic act together, he seeks out a tutor.
Rakesh Aahnu is a dual major and dangerous when bored. What he enjoys more than anything is the challenge of making straight men fall for him before walking away. Just because he can.
But both Egon and Rakesh are about to discover that life has a way of throwing you in the sin-bin when you least expect it.
And when faced with an unfamiliar play?
All you can do is shiver.
This is a LGBT+ story with content not intended for those under 18 years of age due to graphic scenes and situations.