Explicit Transactions (Destined to Fail)
Author: Hayden Hall
Average Rating: 4.14
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I’m the prince of the night; the fulfillment of every one of your desires; the human form of every dirty thought you’ve ever had.

If you can afford me, of course.

Luca DiMarco can afford me. The flashy socialite and the hottest face of the upper echelon, he’s loaded enough that entire weekends with me are nothing more than pocket change.

Luca is relentless. I gave him something in our encounters which he can’t live without. And he’s doing everything in his near-infinite power to keep it. He’s going out of his way to make me feel good.

It almost feels like he cares. And he’s making it really hard to resist the attention.

Boys like me don’t go around falling in love with their clients. They don’t expect a Prince Charming to carry them away. Yet both of those things seem to be happening to me.

But there are greater forces at work trying to tear us apart. And I’m not brave enough to face them.

Explicit Transactions is the third standalone installment in the Destined to Fail series. It features a strictly transactional relationship between one very independent contractor (cough, cough) and one wealthy crime empire princeling who has more in common with his escort than either imagines. Get ready for a rags-to-riches, forbidden romance full of heat and heart, with a guaranteed happy ending.