Bite Me! – You Know I Like It (Spooky Boys #1)
Author: Fae Quin
Average Rating: 3.97
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The spooky boys series invites you to visit a world where things that go bump in the night aren’t just fantasy. These standalone novels feature monsters that are spicy, fun, and sometimes furry.

I’d been waiting my whole life to run. When I uncovered hidden papers detailing my inheritance, I knew my time had come. I packed my trunk full of plant babies, black nail polish, and determination. With my demons in the rearview mirror and my trauma for company I made my way to Elmwood. The remote Maine mountain town is home to my future, a potential love interest, and a lot of really weird, possibly deadly secrets.

Until recently, the most interesting thing in my life had been solving a particularly difficult Sunday crossword. Even my vampiric transformation hadn’t disrupted my life much— it was still boring and repetitive, albeit with more blood than I’d previously dealt with. When newcomer Blair —a charming five foot vegan ball of rage— blows into town, it’s all I can do not to follow him like a love-sick puppy…He’s everything I’ve been missing, but there’s a catch: I need to spy on him and convince the Council he’s innocent of his mother’s crimes. Here’s hoping I don’t end up with a corpse instead of a boyfriend.

Follow Blair, a boy who loves the fanged and furry, as he discovers the secrets of the night and also how to be loved by his very own vampire.

Bite Me! Is a standalone slow burn paranormal MM romance with high heat, an HEA, and no cliffhangers. It features a relationship between two adorably prickly men that have everything against them, until they don’t. Together they’re giggly, young, and tooth-achingly sweet. If you like spooky stories with mystery, suspense, hilarious miscommunication, and characters that make you laugh, read on!