Alliance (The Triad Series, #1)
Author: Cari Z.
Average Rating: 3.94
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One wedding. Two grooms. Three lovers, preparing to fight for themselves, and their kingdoms. Symon Parador is a prince in name only until the day he’s bartered away to the neighboring kingdom, to marry their queen’s brother, Petur. A mage in a nation full of shifters who distrust his magic is bad enough, but even worse is the fact that Petur is already as good as married—to an assassin from the north named Deyvid, who’s immune to all magic. He doesn’t expect to love either of them, but Deyvid’s surprising kindness is too addictive to run from, and even Petur’s ferocity is lightened by his sly sense of humor. Sy could see himself falling for them…if any of them survive the sudden onslaught of attacks against the royal family. Entwined in a dangerous game of survival, love, and loyalty, the cost of saving his lovers may be Sy’s own life. Alliance is a polyamorous M/M/M fantasy with enemies to lovers, graphic violence, snarky humor, and explicit sexual content.