A Totally Platonic Thing (Santa Rafaela, #2)
Author: Eliot Grayson
Pages: 267
Average Rating: 3.87
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Friends know all your faults and love you anyway. But what happens when you cross the line between friends and…more than friends?

My straight roommate and I are totally not dating. Sure, Lucas and I watch videos together—yes, those kinds of videos—and sometimes fall asleep in the same bed afterward. And yeah, I bring coffee to his lab every day so I can get my hug fix. But at night, I’ve been out clubbing and trying to forget that my ex-boyfriend was using me. I’m so lucky Lucas puts up with my drunk shenanigans. Until he doesn’t—and makes it impossible for me to hide what I really want. But it’s all platonic. Right?

Chris means everything to me and I’d do anything for him. But one too many middle-of-the-night rescue missions with him falling-down drunk makes me lose my temper. Bigtime. Once he’s sober, I threaten to put him over my knee and give him what he deserves. I expect him to tell me to go to hell…but instead he blushes and squirms. He wants it. Badly. And now I don’t know what to do. It should’ve been a one-time thing. But seeing Chris that way—touching him that way—has me hooked. Because my own reaction isn’t exactly platonic either…

A Totally Platonic Thing is a steamy M/M new adult bisexual romance with two roommates who are totally, like, not dating. At all. Even though they’re basically an old married couple. And also the adult videos and the, ahem, discipline. But that doesn’t count. HEA guaranteed.