The New Bad Boy In Town: Gay Age Gap Romance
Author: Van Cole
Average Rating: 3.76
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Cody Benton was older, and an ex-con, he clearly hated me.

I knew he wasn’t gay.
He knew I was, though.
He would harass me every chance he had on the construction site.

But I couldn’t stop looking at him every time he was moving something.
That’s when his muscular arms would bulge and his abs would pop out.
He caught me a few times staring at him.

There was a physical attraction between us, and he didn’t know how to deal with it.
I didn’t know how far he would go to prove to himself that it meant nothing.
But it wasn’t nothing.

I couldn’t lie to myself about what I felt for him.
No matter how dangerous it was.
Who knows what he would do to me if I made the wrong move.

I thought I could handle Cody.
But I was wrong.
So, so wrong.