Not That Impossible (Not That #2)
Author: Isabel Murray
Average Rating: 3.89
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If this was your classic Cotswolds murder mystery (it’s not) and Jasper Connolly was a proper journalist (he isn’t) then when a dead body is discovered in a local man’s house, Jasper would write an award-winning front-page article, and his journalism career would finally be up and running.

Instead, he gets scooped by his ex-English teacher, gets yelled at by his editor, and is starting to think that he’d be better off sticking to his actual career of being a personal trainer.

Meanwhile, Detective Chief Inspector Liam Nash, the straight, married man who has never shown even a tiny bit of interest in Jasper?

Turns out Liam is not straight, he’s not married anymore, he is definitely not a fan of Jasper showing up at his crime scenes…and he can not seem to stop kissing Jasper.

After years of thinking that his dreams of love and happily ever after were impossible, it’s starting to look like maybe, just maybe, Jasper was wrong.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

Not That Impossible is a 75k-word romantic comedy about a wannabe journalist who might not wannabe anymore, and a grump of a detective who is finally getting over himself and going after what he really wants (it’s Jasper). There are also a couple of dead guys somewhere in the mix, but not all mysteries get solved. Besides, who even cares about that with all the kissing and stuff going on? This is a romance!