Gentle Hands (Paperback)

Gentle Hands (Paperback)
Author: Emily Buckley
Average Rating: 4.07
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Matthew East’s boyfriend is quite a bit older, unfairly attractive, maddeningly arrogant, frustratingly distant, and also not really his boyfriend.

Working as an escort to put himself through college, Matthew had thought he’d seen it all already. He’s proven wrong when high-powered lawyer Tom Pennwood books him for the evening only to ask Matthew to help him fake a relationship.

It’s a simple deal: Tom gets to appease his demanding parents by fooling them into thinking he has finally settled down, Matthew gets paid a life-changing amount of money, and last but not least, they both get to experience an unending amount of sexual frustration due to Tom’s determination to keep their deal as strictly business, with no other benefits involved.

Being a cynical workaholic with no time for love, Tom should, logically, repel Matthew on all levels that aren’t physical. Yet his infuriating aloofness only serves to intrigue Matthew even more, and he finds himself unable to shake the belief that, despite how much Tom denies it, there’s warmth beneath all of those layers of ice. But will Tom let him in?

*** Gentle Hands is book 1 in the Growing Pains Series and can be read as a standalone. This is a lighthearted MM romance featuring enemies-to-lovers, an age gap and a fake relationship, with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.