• Plans With the Grand Marshall

    “Can I buy you a drink?”

    Normally, it wouldn’t have taken Roman so long to ask such a simple question. It required an easy yes or no and if Roman took a decline with a soft smile and wish for…

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  • “There’s something I want to give you.”

    “Why?” He
    asked with a slight frown on his face. The crease between his eyebrows
    something that I knew rarely happened unless he was confronted with something
    that just didn’t make logical sense.

    Not for the first
    time, I paused before answering because his…

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  • It took months to get here, even though it was clear now that all the other options were never going to work from the start. Like a drowning man, he had to cling to all the buoys before admitting that there was […]

  • “What is this?” He muttered, blue eyes narrowed at the surprise that his ridiculous twin left on his bed.

    “I would think that’s rather obvious.” Seong Mi yawned and looked down at her cherry pink nails as if […]

  • “This is a bad idea.” He muttered, unlocking the door and letting her inside. As she slid past him into the house, he glanced out at the night sky and could have sworn that the stars were dimmer than when he saw […]

  • “You’re pining.” He murmured, gaze set to the starry sky but seeming to look through the celestial masterpiece. He’d been doing that a lot lately.

    “I know.” She shifted her head in his lap to wipe a few damp […]

  • Plot Compromise: Collaborator wanted a scenario in which he was kidnapped and turned into a Boytoy.

    You get caught trying to steal -insert something here-. My character magnanimously offers you a job instead, […]

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  • What’s wrong?
    Nothing. Everything.
    Things that can’t be mopped;
    Sanitized by Jesus in a fit of mercy
    but can be carried like a cellphone
    and ring just as much.

    Where do we go?
    Nowhere. […]

  • Until today I did not value
    Dull moans; soft Jaundice skin;
    A swaddled body with chattering teeth.


    The soft eerie glow of hospital lights
    Only made my insides curl in on themselves
    And spiral […]

  • Momma cried this morning.
    I imagined her thoughts were
    Of Jesus and the next few months,
    But she said that she was sorry
    For leaving me with bad memories.


    The thing about missing someone,
    Is that the […]

  • I see you                              blank stare; listless;
    Hair matted;                      unshaven.
    A caustic mix                      of sweaty tears
    And dirt-k […]

  • I.

    I often wonder                 why dreams of dark
    dusk and steam               are less lovely when
    laid bare- starkly            cast and compared to
    soft soothing                    stre […]

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  • This book was amazing. This is probably one of the rare books that I feel deserves 5/5 stars. Why? Because its the whole damn sassy package. Not only does it feature a polyamourus relationship between three […]

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