You’re Invited

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I have put some thought into what tasks I would like you to complete. We’ve talked about what things you would be willing to do and that you know when you are able to complete them and when they may need more time.

I prefer to ask you for things that don’t take a lot of time and won’t require much of your day to complete. I think daily small tasks and perhaps a larger weekly task might be the easiest to schedule for us both.

To that end, I would like to invite you to complete your first formal tasks for me.

Daily Tasks #1 – Poses and Positions
Your daily task for the next two weeks will be positions. Each day you will submit a picture of yourself completing a position that I have assigned as well as 2-3 sentences about how it felt, good or bad as well as whether you would want to repeat it or not in the future.

Some of these positions will be too stressful for your shoulder, so you have my permission to modify them in whatever way allows you to do it with minimal pain.

  • Tuesday, May 7th: Wait
  • Wednesday, May 8th: Kneel
  • Thursday, May 9th: Inspect
  • Friday, May 10th: Wall
  • Saturday, May 11th: Expose
  • Sunday, May 12th: Rest
  • Monday, May 13th: Hands
  • Tuesday, May 14th: Endure
  • Wednesday, May 15th: Punishment
  • Thursday, May 16th: Rear
  • Friday, May 17th: Humble
  • Saturday, May 18th: Floor

Weekly Task #1 – Fitness
Because I try to be fair, I think that this should be something we can both complete. With that in mind, pick 3 days a week to do 1 hour of exercise. You may break that hour up into 30 minute intervals instead. Report your progress to me each time you complete at least a 30 minute activity. I will report the same for accountability.