This read is really short, but worth it if you have Amazon Unlimited. Its a super hot exploration of a young man who realizes that he has a thing for exhibitionism. At 26 pages long, its worth a read if you’re in a sassy mood!

Its worth mentioning that ANY of Irdis Mcmanus’ shorts are worth reading. I’ll list the others below just in case you want to marathon them like I did.

Being young and in college is already stressful enough. It’s only worse when your boyfriend has three roommates who never seem to leave.

Jace and Hudson have settled enough. When an evening comes up and they think they’re alone, they take advantage of the opportunity. The problem is, it’s a mistake, and that leads Jace to discover new things about his own wants and likes. Strangely enough, those discoveries include said friends who are always wandering around the apartment, and once Jace decides that he doesn’t mind them hanging around, things become a lot easier.

Other Sassy Books By Idris Macmanus

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