The party was over the top. Tony Stark never did anything in half measures including throwing a party for his favorite (only) intern. The problem was, the only person who wasn’t having fun was Peter. It all started great. He wore a tuxedo that was worth more per day than his and May’s rent each month and he’d got to see May smile in a way that she hadn’t for months. Currently she was dancing with Bruce, probably trying to find out all the things that Peter hadn’t told her, which admittedly wasn’t that much. May and him were pretty tight.

The problem was, everyone was drinking and having a good time. Except Peter. He’d tried. He’d danced with Natasha, Wanda and Shuri and it was fun, but somehow lackluster. Probably because everywhere he went, someone was ruffling his hair or calling him Kid. The party that was meant to celebrate him becoming a man was starting to just feel like a reminder that no one here considered him one. Being hit with a car? No big deal. Being an adult? No way, not Peter Parker!

Despite not being legal to drink, he’d already snuck a drink of every alcoholic beverage he could get his hands on and none of them affected him at all. Now that hadn’t bothered him much before, but it definitely bothered him now. He really just needed out of his head for just a little while, was that too much to ask? His savior came in the form of the God of Thunder, who saw him at the buffet table staring at the champagne glasses lined there.

“Man of Spiders! Rejoice!” A heavy arm slung over his shoulders before Peter could even turn his head towards his boisterous teammate. “Why, on the day that this great planet has determined you to be a man, are you not swimming in an intoxicated bliss? Or trying to propagate your species with a beautiful woman,” he lowered his voice slightly although Peter was sure that most of the people around him could still hear if they cared to. “…that’s how I became a man, but admittedly I was much younger than you. Better late than never, fine Sir!”

Peter couldn’t help but smile. Sometimes Thor was ridiculous, but he was a good man and probably the only Avenger that didn’t treat him like a child even when he technically was one. “I can’t.” He admitted. “I’ve tried everything alcoholic in here and my body just processes it in seconds. I don’t even have time for the buzz before it’s over. And I don’t think anyone here is interested in…ah…propagating the species with me. If that was even something I wanted. Jeez, Thor. I literally just turned eighteen. I’m not really interested in being a dad yet. Babies are cute…from a distance.”

“Oh Peter, you are fortuitous indeed.” Thor looked both ways before he slid a hand to his belt and unhooked a flask. “It is my pleasure to present to you the….finest…Asgardian mead reserved for royalty. As a battle brother, I think you deserve a little fun on your birthday.”

Peter took the flask with wide eyes and also a cautious look around as if someone would take it away if they found him with it. He was in the process of uncorking it when Thor stopped him. “Wait, a word of caution. “ Thor leaned down and actually whispered, which Peter was surprised that he was even capable of, to be honest. “Since this is your first time, find someplace private to drink this. It has been known to affect humans a little differently than Gods.”

Peter was skeptical, but he nodded and tucked it into his suit jacket. “Thanks, Thor. Really, man. You’re the best!”
And that was how Peter came to be out on the rooftop of Stark tower, legs dangling over the side in a way that would make most people nervous but never Peter. Granted, he…was…drunk but Oh! Was he drunk in the very best way. The city lights glimmered and swayed like his very own Aurora Borealis. He heard the door open behind him, but he just couldn’t be bothered to turn and see who it was.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.