Roman’s little outburst wasn’t exactly the response Raen had been expecting, making him startle in surprise. His cheeks flushed red, he felt a little dumb when he couldn’t do much but nod in response – because he certainly wasn’t going to explain to Roman that while, yes, he did get random boners, his bigger problem mostly was waking up dripping wet and needing something in him to satisfy that particular need. He hadn’t really thought of that, had he? Sure, it was just a natural reaction of the human body, but still it could cause rather awkward situations between them.

“Okay…”, Raen nodded when Roman insisted on staying on the couch, biting his lip softly. He wasn’t sure if his brother was mad at him for being pushy. He hadn’t meant to, but he did have a habit of not always thinking things through before suggesting something. The light touch on his shoulder reassured him they were fine though, and Raen gave Roman a small smile.

Once they were done unpacking for the day, Raen nodded at Roman’s idea of getting rid of the empty boxes, “That’s a good idea.” He took another step towards the bathroom and then glanced back at Roman, “You do know I have money too, right? Dad obviously doesn’t trust me to be able to study and have a job at the same time so he’s giving me some money every month. I can buy them, since it was my idea – and I’ll be living here too now so I want to pitch in a little bit where I can.” He chuckled and shook his head a bit, “I would offer to pay half of the rent, but I figured you wouldn’t even let me finish that sentence.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.