Peter looked up at the crazy man standing in front of him and couldn’t help something like a giggle escaping. There was no way he would have imagined hearing those words from anyone, and now he knew why. No one else could pull off that kind of corny one-liner and mean it as earnestly as Peter Quill.

Suddenly the ice was broken and after the need to laugh subsided, Peter shifted once more onto his knees until he could reach out and put a tentative hand on Quill’s thigh, just shy of the arousal pressing through the man’s pants. Peter’s cheeks were red because he knew how he would look when he shifted his soft brown eyes up at the Star Lord from where he knelt and he hoped it was as sexy as he imagined.

He could only keep eye contact with Quill for a moment before gravity and curiosity led his eyes to lower and follow the outline of the cock in front of him. It wasn’t small. Peter was both glad and terrified. A small cock wouldn’t be as intimidating considering what he wants to do with it, but there was some weird competitive streak inside Peter that dictated that having a small cock as his first would be cheating. Taking a deep breath, he flexed his hand…moving it slowly to trace the line of his cock with the tips of his fingers.

“Will you tell me what to do?”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.