A combination of hearing Raen’s pouting question and his beast complaining almost in tandem made Roman snap and his retort was not unkind, but definitely coarser than he meant to be. “Raen. Have you slept in the same bed with another man before? Brother or not, our bodies react to warmth and pretty much anything now that I think of it. I know you’re omega, but don’t you get random boners too? Do you want to take up with my cock lodged between us? Because that’s how I wake up, even by myself. The damn thing operates on its own schedule.”

After his rant, Roman’s breath came harder and his cheeks were appropriately red. He was glad that he was still on the floor because his cock had listened to the whole thing…attentively. Again, Roman won the award for being the most inappropriate person Raen had probably ever known. “Sorry…just, suffice that I’ll stay on the couch.”

After he gave his cock a rather rude pinch, Roman sucked in a breath and stood. As he walked by Raen, he gave his shoulder a light touch with his own to assure him that he was okay and went back into the hallway to grab another box that he knew was full of kitchen items to distract himself in another room.

A few hours later, when Raen mentioned shopping, Roman hummed in agreement. “Yeah. Maybe we could drop some of these boxes off at the dumpster on the way. I’m not super rich, but I’ve got money. Just know that if you buy a plant, you’re committing to watering it for me.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.