Raen washed the dishes before he wandered back into the living room, looking through a few boxes that were left there – mostly just random stuff, one with bed sheets neatly folded in it. He raised an eyebrow, glancing to the door of the bedroom. Had Roman just bought everything new, even though he had what he needed already? Shaking his head, Raen picked up that box and walked over to the bedroom just to see Roman kneeling halfway inside the closet.

“Why not?”, he pouted slightly, having thought his suggestion was a pretty good one. Roman didn’t seem to think so though, so Raen dropped it for now since Roman was adamant about taking the couch. “Is there something you’re looking for?”, he asked instead, looking at his brother and then at the closet, “Oh, and where do you want these?” He raised the box he was still holding a bit, “There’s some sheets and I think a few shirts.” Raen put the box down on the floor, opening it again. Once he’d been told where to put them, Raen started unpacking the box, humming softly to himself while he did so.

Another few hours later, Raen could say they had made quite a lot of process with unpacking Roman’s things. There were boxes everywhere still, but at least half of them were now empty and the apartment was starting to look lived in. “We could go shopping tomorrow”, he pondered after having changed into his pajamas and was on his way to the bathroom to wash his face and teeth, “You need a few paintings on the walls – or some nice decorations. A plant or two wouldn’t hurt either.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.