Roman held in the fact that he was an avid mid-day napper on days he didn’t work. At some point, while he was avoiding the whole unpacking deal, he would drink and nap. With Raen staying with him, there was no way he was going to go back to that. Instead, as Raen walked to the kitchen with the dishes, Roman stood and started for the bedroom. It wasn’t hard to keep talking since the apartment wasn’t that big to begin with.

“You’re definitely not sleeping on the couch. That’s less negotiable than you spending your heat in a hotel.” Roman huffed as he lifted one of the boxes near the entrance of his bedroom onto the bed. It was full of clothes. Some of it from his army days and some from just last winter. Further proof that rather than unpack, he’d just bought new clothes or made do with what he had. Roman scoffed at it and shifted it into the bottom of the closet and moved on to the next box. This one had some…wait. Roman flushed and shut the lid to that box and quickly added it to the closet. Sweet Jesus, the last thing he needed was Raen seeing the contents of that box.

Roman was mid-kneel in the closet, burying the box when he heard Raen’s suggestion that they share a bed. His beast said YES and Roman rested his head against the closet doorframe and groaned softly as he imagined waking up with Raen on top of him and how hard it would be to keep his dick to himself. Hell, Roman was already going to have trouble finding privacy to jack off as it was. “That’s…not a good idea, Raen.” Then he mutters to himself, “Unless you want to kill me, brother.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.