Peter shifted his torso forward and raised his knees slightly to rest his elbows. He tried to play it off as cool as possible, but in reality, he was trying to hide his boner that he was sure he shouldn’t have before they’d even done anything. He swallowed down his nervousness, though his ability to act nonchalant had always been lacking, but his pride demanded that he not rush out with all the questions and comments running through his head.

What does finally come out of his mouth, surprised even him. “You…you can’t tell anyone. Mister Stark is kind of protective…” Peter trailed off a second as his thoughts wrapped around that statement. Part of Tony Stark would be proud that Peter had accomplished another milestone to adulthood, but doing it with Peter Quill, aka the Star Lord was likely something that would piss him right off. Despite his slight hero complex for his mentor, that just made Peter want to do it even more. Huh…

“…and Aunt May would kill you. Maybe Natasha too, but worry about May first.” Peter realized that he probably wasn’t helping himself and chanced a glance back at Quill. “I want to. I really, really want to.” Peter shifted and tried again to adjust himself discreetly, but knew on some level that he was failing and as a result, his cheeks were tinged with embarrassment. At this point there was no way he could blame his coloring on the mead. Most of it had worked its way out already.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.