Quill couldn’t help but be beset by a little vexing doubt, eating away at the outwards bravado and confidence he was conveying. There had been that small chance that Peter Parker was so innocent, so guileless and unworldly, that he would have missed out the meaning of that one liner. The thought came to Quill ever the ‘would’ left his lips, and he knew it to be likely to be ridiculous, likely to be rather insulting, to assume the teen was so jejune and childlike that he didn’t even know the meaning of ‘would’ as a verb in that context. But he couldn’t stop the thought occurring to him, and so it was with bated breath that he waited for how the younger Peter would respond.

But it became quickly apparent that, yeah, as his reason and logic told him, there was next to no chance that Parker was that inexperienced. The kid – no, not kid, stop mentally referring to him as that – had obviously absorbed enough pop culture and partaken in enough crude banter to understand such a simple turn of phrase. And it was pretty clear, from how he acted, that he understood. The way he paused, looked over Star Lord, all flustered and pensive, all anxious and mind racing – Parker understood. He may be inexperienced, and his nerves betrayed that, but he was definitely not innocent. The perfect mix.

So Quill wasn’t too surprised when Parker decided to demonstrate his understanding with some choice profanity. Of course, hearing it out loud, said so explicitly and so lewdly, the prospect of what he was doing became all the clearer. He was offering to take the virginity of an 18 year old, with all the emotional implications and dizzying expectations that came with that, with the solemn duty not to take advantage or exploit any vulnerabilities or anything of the sort. But while Quill did give some thought to those more sombre considerations, the overwhelming feeling was one of excitement.

Partly this was borne from ego about his sexual capabilities. A well-justified ego, it had to be said. Quill had received rave reviews from people from dozens of species. He was going to be the standard by which the rest of Parker’s sexual history will be compared to. He would be his sexual salvation. He would teach him just how good sex could be. And that was amazing for Parker. But Quill would have a good time too. After all, he would be taking the virginity of this hot young twink. That was a common fantasy for a reason.

So Quill, nonchalant and relaxed in contrast to Parker’s more excitable demeanour, shrugged and took another sip. “If you want to, I’d be more than down for that.” After taking another sip, he turned to Spider-Man with a devilish grin. “I forgot to buy you a gift, after all.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.