Raen didn’t even think about what his gesture would look like before he saw Roman close his eyes and take a deep breath. He blinked, cheeks flushing a light color of pink as he realized how… intimate this might seem to some. “Ah, sorry”, he gave an awkward chuckle and pulled back just a little, “I didn’t mean to… “ Deciding it was probably best not to finish that sentence, Raen simply shook his head and turned back to to TV.

Roman’s scent was laced with a tint of satisfaction and contentment though, making Raen nearly want to purr. The awkwardness faded and instead he felt comfortable again. Assuming the contentment in Roman’s scent was from getting to spent time with his little brother after so much time apart made Raen smile with a little bit of pride. He’d missed Roman a lot. The arm around his shoulders pulling him closer actually had him letting out a sound that could have been mistaken for a very contented purr. “Hm? Can I?”, he perked up when Roman offered him one of the dumplings, “You can have some of my food if you want to taste.”

He took a hold of Roman’s hand and guided the fork to his lips, smiling happily. After he’d taken the dumpling from the fork, he let go of Roman’s hand and offered him a forkful of his own food. “It’s really good”, he said once the dumpling had been devoured.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.