Peter normally wouldn’t have jumped at all. His spider sense had a way of helping him keep track of people coming and going sometimes without him even acknowledging that he was doing it. But tonight, his spider sense was busy trying to process his gifted elixir of the gods and so Peter’s head snapped around too fast and the resulting spin made him sway slightly. Fortunately, he still had a firm grip on the ledge and it just took a moment with his eyes closed before the world righted itself.

One last look at the New York sky told him that the mead was already starting to fade, so he took another drink and turned sideways to peer at his guest. “Mm…I’s okay. I’s big.” Peter took a deep breath and slid off the ledge to sit on the ground instead, his foot knocking the Star Lord’s lightly. Later, he would probably freak out at the carelessness he was showing towards his tux. But for now, his jacket was tossed about three feet away in an earlier hot flash and after sinking to the ground, Peter found himself tugging at his bow tie until he could drop it beside him.
Peter looked over at his older namesake in curiosity. They hadn’t really had time to get to know each other that well, which might explain why he felt comfortable murmuring, “Just thought I’d feel…older, but I don’t. I’m still like a kid to everyone at that party.”

Peter shakes his cask lightly as he said, “Except Thor, who gave me the good stuff.” He stops a moment to unscrew the lid and take another small sip. He’d found that if he took small sips he could keep the buzz going better than if he simply swallowed a mouthful. “…’cept he mentioned he’d already had sex long before me.”

Peter leaned his head back against the ledge and ran his fingers through his hair, effectively messing it up completely, but feeling good about it. “I’m Spiderman. I’ve had panties thrown at me, you know? Which is weird, by the way. Imagine how much respect they’d have for me if I just went and picked up used panties or hit on the people I saved. Like…yeah, I know there’s a robbery going on right now and I should be saving the day, but do you think I could get your phone number?…Not going to happen.”

At this point, Peter doesn’t even realize he’s rambling so hard. “And when I’m not Spiderman…I’m just me. Just Peter Parker, smart but too nerdy to flirt with. Kid.” The last word held a note of bitterness. He tilted his head to look at the Star Lord as he added. “Yeah, so…how’re you liking my party?”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.