Raen flashed him a little grin, shaking his head, “Don’t apologize, it’s fine.” He didn’t really care that much, he realized. Usually Raen was quite specific about his looks when he went out, but today he was just excited to be spending time with Roman. Excited enough that he found himself not minding the thought of possibly looking a little disheveled after the ride. Raen shook his head at the question, “No, I always wanted to, but… I guess I just never had a chance to ride one.”

He smiled widely as the engine purred to life and he could feel the bike vibrating under him. Raen quickly wrapped his arms around Roman and held on tightly, almost as nervous as he was excited. He nodded at the instructions given, clinging to the other’s back as they finally left, heading towards the city centre. It was a freeing experience, he noticed, as the wind whipped around them while they rode and Raen gave a small, happy laugh.

“You’ll have to take me for a proper ride sometime!”, he shouted over Roman’s shoulder.

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.