Raen gave a nod of acknowledgement and made sure the door was locked while Roman took the boxes down. He waited for his brother outside, sending a quick text to their mother to let her know his first day here had gone well and that he was settling in. He briefly wondered just how his parents would react if they ever found out about some of the things that had happened yesterday and especially this morning, biting his lower lip in embarrassment at the memory. Not that they ever would hear about any of it, but Raen could imagine the anger from their father.

Being pulled away from his thoughts by Roman’s hand playing with his hair, Raen shook his head slightly and gave him a bright smile, “Of course I am. Though I prefer pretty to adorable, you make it sound like I’m ten.” He gave a playful pout, letting Roman lead the way as they started walking.

They didn’t get far though, before Roman stopped next to a motorcycle. Raen blinked once in surprise, his gaze bouncing between the helmet offered to him and the bike. “You didn’t tell me you have a bike”, he said eventually, surprised but immediately excited at the thought of getting to ride it with Romam. He snatched the helmet out of Roman’s hand, “Are you crazy? I’m not taking a cab if we can ride this instead!” He grinned, putting on the helmet and running his fingers over the bike before sitting on it, “I wish you’d told me about it before, so I wouldn’t have bothered doing anything to my hair.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.