Roman pulled on a jacket and grabbed his phone and keys. When Raen poked his head in, Roman cracked a grin but held in his comment. Instead, he followed Raen to the front door and grabbed the broken down boxes they had left by the door. “Can you lock up behind us? I’ll meet you out front.” Roman then hauled the cardboard down to the dumpster and then jogged back to the front of the building to meet his brother.

Once there, he reached a hand out to bat playfully at Raen’s ponytail. “You’re fucking adorable.”

He then grabbed Raen’s hand and pulled him along down the parked cars until they came to a sleek black motorcycle with gray and green trim. Roman pulled his key out and unlocked the helmet attached to the chassis. Clearing his throat, Roman handed the helmet to Raen. He suddenly felt shy because this was the first time he’d let anyone ride on his bike but he hadn’t mentioned anything to Raen so he wasn’t sure how this would go. “Today’s a nice day and it’s easier to park the bike in side alleys…but we can take a cab if you’d prefer.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.