Raen blinked at Roman in surprise when the other said he would most likely enjoy whatever made Raen happy, wondering if Roman even realized just how wonderfully straight out of a cliche romance novel that sounded. Raen might have even swooned a little if it wasn’t his brother saying it – and if he didn’t know Roman hadn’t really meant it like that. “Great, I’ll go brush my hair then and we’ll be ready to go”, he smiled at Roman brightly, feeling excited for the day ahead. It was going to be fun, most definitely.

Raen was searching for his brush in the depths of his luggage when Roman mentioned his friends and Raen couldn’t help but give an airy little laugh at him. “Well, if you’re at all as secretive with them as you’re with us, I don’t blame them for being curious!”, he called back and made a victorious sound when he finally found what he was looking for. Ten minutes later his hair was up on a neat ponytail on the top of his head and Raen peeked into the kitchen, “Ready?”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.