Quill watched with a rapt gaze and undivided attention as Peter Parker started undressing. First the shirt was removed. Quill had expected Peter to have well-defined muscles and an impressive torso, and he wasn’t disappointed. But he had expected a lithe, lean musculature, the build of a gymnast or an acrobat, muscles that denoted beguiling agility more than virile strength. What he wasn’t expecting was Parker to be ripped. The kid was shredded. Every muscle was worked to perfection, and he was bulky and beefy and holy fuck, damn. He wasn’t as big or as tall as almost every other guy within the building, true, but…


Like, holy fuck. Quill would have been content with that, and he made zero effort to conceal just how turned on he was. Quill’s eyes roamed over Peter’s body with lecherous intent and a salacious wickedness. His mouth hang agape, tongue lulling slightly in awe, almost drooling at the sight. And his cock twitched with renewed disbelief at its luck with every new muscle that came into sight.

But Peter didn’t stop there. Nope. The teasing minx. Soon, Peter was kneeling in a puddle of spit and his own cum, rivulets of it trickling down his equally muscular thighs, ropes of it splattered and speared over random spots around his groin. Quill just remained, transfixed. Peter was a virgin, sure. But he was a damn natural. It had started off that Parker was the “desperate” one, but now Quill was thirsty. He needed Parker, and Spider-Man now held all the cards. Could be teasing or withholding if he wanted to. The dynamics had changed so quickly, and maybe Peter hadn’t picked up on how desperate his older namesake had become, but it was what it was.

Then Parker kissed him, and fuck. It was sloppy, and energetic, and more passion than technique, and all over the place. And Quill loved it. After they broke the kiss, Quill was breathing heavily. Panting, even. Never even mind the fact that he could still taste his cock in Peter’s spit and on his tongue. Never mind that. He grabbed Parker and pulled him deep into another kiss, his cock pressing against the younger man’s abdomen. Letting him go, he took a few seconds to gather his breath.

“Okay. Holy fuck. We can stay up here all night if you want. Fucking hell.”

Written by SusyQ918
Just sassing it up one day at a time.